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Our Services

Tax Help

Irs Representation  and all Tax Help

We can can assist you by:

        ♦ Helping you escape liens or levies

♦ Helping you prevail if you are audited by the IRS 

    ♦ Helping you file and WIN cases in U.S. Tax Court 

    ♦ Settlements that greatly decrease the amount of money you owe 

    ♦ In some cases we can even have your entire tax liability removed.

Business Services

For your small business, 1-World willl be happy to:

 ♦ Set up your books and records as required by your specific business.

 ♦ Receive your bookkeeping material each month, process it and promptly return it to you with your completed set of reports. 

  ♦ Provide Monthly  and Year-to-date Financial Statements

Tax Preparation Services Provided:

Sales Tax Returns, Payroll Tax Returns and Deposits, W-2's    and 1099's, Income Tax Returns.